The Top 10 Places to Visit After You Die

With so many awe-inspiring destinations in this world, it’s almost impossible to choose which ones you’ll float on over to as a ghost when you’re dead! We made it easy for you and compiled a list of the top ten must-sees for your post-death bucket list.


1o. Macchu Picchu

This Peruvian natural landmark has a heavenly view (no pun intended). Simply materialize at 2,430 meters above sea level and be proud that you’re now able to enjoy the sights without having to catch your breath, since you don’t have any!


9. That Pretentious Restaurant You Were on a Waitlist For Before You Died

While you were alive, you were forever on the waitlist for the hottest molecular gastronomy restaurant in town. Waitlist shmaitlist! Now that you’re an ethereal being, you can just waltz right in and grab all the tiny deconstructed meals you want! No table necessary. You may not be able to taste, but you sure as hell can throw amuse-bouches into the walls!


8. The Pyramids

This is a majestic historical site. Plus, you’ll be in good company with lots of other ancient Egyptian ghosts! Rumor has it they like to party, which makes sense, since they’re super fucking rich. Save this one for a ghost bachelorette or other weekend when you want to get crazy!


7. The Middle School Where You Had Your Chubby Phase

You can travel back in time too now that you’re a ghost! Have a little Throwback Thursday and stop by St. Peter’s Middle School and pay a visit to your chubby, insecure 13-year-old self. Drop notes in her locker that contain wisdoms from her future, confident self to help her when Tommy Baldwin calls her a beached whale. Only future-ghost-you knows that he’s in prison for tax evasion. Baby-You will say, “Thanks, Ghost-Me!”


6. The Place Where ISIS Hangs Out

The U.S. government may not be able to locate the headquarters of terrorist organization ISIS, but you sure can now that you’re just a soul! Float on over to their main place in the Syrian desert and see if you can creep them out a little bit for some hilarious terrorist ghost pranks. Classic!



5. The Great Wall of China

As you’ve already figured out, passing right through walls is one of the best perks of being a ghost. Why not upgrade and pass through the longest wall in the world? You’ve earned it, deady!


4. The Vatican’s Secret Archives

What are they hiding in those documents? Go find out on an educational weekend getaway! If the archives end up boring you to tears, it’s no loss as long as you treat yourself to hurling some communion wine in the Sistine Chapel. Ghost score!


3. Hogwarts

To the living, this is a fictional school of witchcraft and wizardry from the Harry Potter series. To you, it’s your backyard! Go inside and hang with Harry and his pals and even learn some wizard tricks. Anything is possible since you’re a spirit and what is fiction and what is real life and what is the thing that comes after life, you know?


2. Your Most Recent Boyfriend’s Bedroom

Is Nate sleeping alone? If so, score! You can lay there and stare at his cute sleeping face and he’ll be none the wiser. If he’s not sleeping alone, you can haunt the two of them for a few months as punishment. Because come on, Nate—it’s only been five months!


1. Outer Space

NASA’s got nothin’ on you, since you’re now a member of the spirit world! Fly on down to any planet you wish and relax on the moon in a lawn chair. Stick a flag in it to claim your status as First Female Ghost on the Moon.


You have all the time in the supernatural world to make it to these hot spots after you die. The best part? You don’t even have to pack!