QUIZ: Which Sprouse Twin’s Mischievous Aura Are You?

Dylan and Cole Sprouse

As we’ve grown, our favorite Disney Channel stars have grown with us. However, while we might’ve known which Sprouse twin we most related to when we were younger, it might not be so certain now. Take this quiz to find out: Which Sprouse Twin’s mischievous aura are you?


If given the opportunity, would you chain smoke cigarettes and spill all your secrets on a podcast?

  1. Obviously… isn’t that the end goal for everyone?
  2. No, I’d prefer doing something a bit more inconspicuous, like dropping in on a SmashBros subreddit and announcing I’d like to commentate.


How would you react if someone took a photo of you in public?

  1. I’d whip out my own phone at the speed of light, take a photo of them in the act, then post it to my second – but still very public – Instagram account and write a lengthy, unhinged caption about how I’ll never be bested.
  2. They probably weren’t taking a picture of me, but rather my twin brother, in hopes that he’d post them on his Instagram.


What does your dating history look like?

  1. A long relationship that ended badly in which I appear to be the bad guy.
  2. A long relationship that ended in marriage that would disappoint millions if I ended up being the bad guy.


How do you express your uniqueness to the world?

  1. Dying my hair black, writing Instagram poetry, and using a lot of big words I hope no one questions me on.
  2. I don’t “express myself” so much as name myself Master Brewer at my own meadery. 




Mostly 1s: You’re a Cole! Your whole aura screams “I was a child star who’s now mainly known for my television role in which I wear a weird hat.” You like to stir up a little mischief in the public eye, and you don’t care if that makes you a little messy. Own it, girl!

Mostly 2s: You’re Dylan’s mischievous aura, babe! Sure, you’re not married to a supermodel, but you’re a dead-ringer for his super online, slightly reclusive persona. And that’s not great, but it’s definitely fine!