QUIZ: Is Your Relationship Stable Enough to Do Hallucinogens Together?

The use of hallucinogens like mushrooms can be revelatory, deeply meaningful, and also a lot of fun. The person with whom you embark on this journey is integral to the trip itself, and you might just learn a thing or two about each other in the process. This could bond you deeper than ever, or it could totally destroy you, so it’s a natural question: Is your relationship stable enough to do hallucinogens together? Take this quiz to find out!


How long have you been dating?

  1. Less than a month.
  2. Less than a year, but I’ve met their sister.
  3. We’ve been through it all.


How are things going?

  1. I’m still feeling it out, but no red flags or dealbreakers yet.
  2. Pretty good! Pretty good? Is that bad? No, it’s good.
  3. Rock-solid.


Do you have any underlying concerns or resentments that you fear may surface in a state of uninhibition?

  1. No resentments, but it might be too much vulnerability too soon.
  2. They once told a story that sort of showed the FBI in a positive light, and I let it go in the moment, but I do wonder if we have irreconcilably different worldviews and ways of being.
  3. We communicate openly at all times so nothing ever builds up.


How would they react to you claiming that you were God, or they were God, or maybe a plant or brick near you was God?

  1. I simply don’t know them enough to say.
  2. They might be freaked out. Again, they apparently love the FBI.
  3. Literally they would freaking love it. I know because we know each other on a deeper level.


Do you feel safe if they need to comfort you through a bad trip? Could you comfort them?

  1. Who knows!
  2. One time they cried because our flight was delayed 45 minutes, so no?
  3. Of course. While I’d hope we both have a wonderful experience, this would be a natural extension of how we already care for one another. It is my privilege and honor.



Mostly 1’s, 2’s, or 3’s: If you got mostly any of these numbers, then the results are inconclusive. Yeah, even you, number 3. Actually, especially you, it feels like you’re overdoing it. Anyway, the path of a trip and the effect it will have on the relationship between any two people is genuinely unknowable. You might convene with a higher power, you might convene with each other, you might do weird shit with each other’s hands/feet then never speak again. We say go for it!