4 Subtle Ways to Indicate That if He Cuts His Hair You Will Leave Him

Hate Date - Reductress

Let’s face it: Whether it’s height, eye color, or eyebrow shape, we’ve all got preferences when it comes to men. There’s no shame in admitting it! So, if you are looking for ways to mold your boyfriend into the man of your dreams, here are four ways to let him know that your love for him hinges on him keeping his beautiful mane.


Compliment men with long hair 

Whether it’s in a tweet or in reference to random men of the street, let your admiration be known. Don’t be shy! Say things like “Bo Burnham looks so hot with his long hair. Right?” or tweet things like “men with man buns >>>.” You can even go so far as to send him weekly Pinterest mood boards of men like Dev Patel, Donald Glover, 2014 Harry Styles, and A$AP Rocky. He’ll barely even notice this is happening, but over time it will sink in.


Bring up your ex every time he talks about getting a haircut

Men, like Pavlov’s dogs, can be conditioned. So any time the thought of a haircut even enters his mind talk about how you ran into your ex the other day and how it just made you think about life and how fun it was to be so young. This will make his brain associate the pain of knowing you still think about your ex with the idea of cutting his hair. This is for the good of you both!



Physically stand between him, his barber, and his barber’s hair clippers

Make a scene! Nothing says I love you more than placing your neck in front of sharp objects. No barbershop wants a reputation of attracting unhinged clientele, so you will probably get him banned from every shop within a 36-mile radius.


Offer to cut his hair yourself

Healthy relationships are built on compromise. If he wants to cut his hair, then let him! You wouldn’t want him to control your appearance, right? Grab some hair scissors and cut his hair at just the right length where he can tell he got a haircut but it will grow back in a few weeks. This way, you can have a bit of bonding time and he will not feel like your love is conditional, which it is!


Men have never been shy when it comes to letting their dating preferences be known to the world, so neither should you! Judging men on their appearances is a truly feminist act, especially the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. So if that bastard wants to get rid of his only redeeming quality, do not hesitate to use these foolproof tips!