QUIZ: Is She the One or Is She Just the Only Other Queer Person at Work?

So a cutie has caught your eye at work and you’re wondering if she’s The One. It’s possible you have a rare and deep connection, but it’s also possible you just want a work crush and she’s the only other queer person you have access to on the clock. Still wondering? Take this quiz to find out!


What do you usually talk about?

1. We talk about our dreams and aspirations, our families, our deepest fears, etc.
2. Mostly stuff in the “Hey, what’s up?” “Not much, what’s up with you?” range, but there’s definitely a subtext to it, that subtext being that we are both gay.


Do you think she likes you back?

1. I hope so! There’s something about the way she holds my gaze…ugh, those eyes.
2. I’m pretty sure she knows my name! Well, I’m not positive. She mostly calls me “dude”, but that could be a sign! I mean, she calls everyone dude. Still, though.



How do you feel about her?

1. Where to begin?! She’s so beautiful and funny and interesting to talk to.
2. Slightly more connected than I feel to some other coworkers, like Craig, but slightly less connected than I feel to Craig when he brings in his dog.


Would you have been interested if you two met outside of work?

1. Absolutely! If I saw her at a bar or party I would have to introduce myself!
2. Maybe? Only if she came up to me first, though. And also only if she was, like, a bass player in a really cool band. And had a pool. And was the only other queer person at the function.


How do you picture the two of you in a year?

1. Making love under a waterfall.
2. It’s so weird you say “picture” because I just realized I can’t really call to mind what her face looks like. She might have a nose ring?



Mostly 1s:While we can’t be sure that she’s really the one, you guys definitely have something going on! Maybe check with HR what the fraternizing policy is at your workplace first, but if it’s feasible, you should definitely go for it!

Mostly 2s: Maybe you guys could be r friends. Acquaintances even! But it doesn’t seem like you really click. But this is actually great because you probably shouldn’t date someone you work with in the first place. Let’s just stick to getting closer to Craig (‘s dog).