QUIZ: Should You Read This Book or Another Celebrity Relationship Timeline?

Sometimes you’re faced with an impossibly tough decision on what to do for the night: Should you read this book that everyone you know raved about and that you are genuinely interested in, or just scroll through another celebrity relationship timeline until you eventually pass out? Take this quiz to definitely find out if you should take the plunge on that page-turner or dive into that 50-slide slideshow about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez:


Have you been actively trying to establish a reading habit?

  1. Yes! I really want to expand my vocabulary and regain some of my attention span that I lost when I stopped reading for fun in college.
  2. I read my phone every day so I kind of already have one.


What other types of content have you been into recently?

  1. I’ve really been enjoying deep-dive podcasts. I just listened to a crazy cult podcast that I learned a lot from.
  2. I watched seasons 1-6 of Love Island UK and then read all the relationship timelines for all of my favorite couples, then DM’d a few of them to clarify some dodgy claims (they didn’t respond).


How are you looking to ~broaden your horizons~ ?

  1. I would like to see and understand the world from someone else’s perspective and learn new things about culture and the human experience.
  2. I would like to read about a relationship that I can project my own issues onto and get vaguely angry about.


Finally, how sleepy are you?

  1. I have a good 30-40 minutes in me before I get drowsy.
  2. I’m technically unconscious right now.



Mostly 1’s

You should read this book! It seems like you really want to read, and you’re not too sleepy. Go dive into that immersive experience that can only be translated by the written word!

Mostly 2’s

You should just read another celebrity timeline. There’s absolutely no shame in this; sometimes celebrity content is what the brain wants so celebrity content is what the brain gets. Plus, a shocking secret of Justin’s is revealed at slide number 34. How are you gonna pass that up?