QUIZ: Is the Pandemic Over or Are We Just Pretending It Is for the Fourth Time Now?

The sun is finally coming out more, days are getting longer, and the weather will be warmer before we know it. This means that the pandemic is totally over, right? Sure, we’ve tried this before, but it’ll work this time! After all, as they say, those who don’t learn from history are going to be totally fine, no worries whatsoever. Take this quiz to find out if the pandemic is over for real this time!


What do your friends that are nurses say?

  1. Um…well I asked, but they immediately burst into tears and became completely inconsolable.
  2. They put on a forced smile and said, “Oh yeah, everything is totally going to be fine!” then went to the bathroom for ten minutes. I could kind of hear them crying…


Everyone is still going to wear a mask, right?

  1. No way! The CDC said we might as well take a break from them while we can…makes sense. Why keep precautions in place that are proven to work?
  2. Of course, you have to wear a mask! It’s really not that big of a deal and helps reduce transmission.


And checking vaccine cards is still a thing too…right? Right?!?!

  1. Lol, no! Don’t let that deter you from eating in restaurants or anything though. It’s totally safe! Wait, did you get sick? Huh! Wonder why…
  2. Yeah! Making sure people are vaccinated helps protect everyone involved. It’s a no-brainer.


Have your friends that are nurses stopped crying yet?

  1. Well, no…I’m kind of getting a little concerned. They seem really burned out and distraught. Maybe I should listen to them?
  2. Oh yeah, they’re totally fine now! Turns out they were upset about something else. They said the pandemic is totally over though. No notes.





Mostly 1s. I hate to break it to you, but it seems like this thing still might not be over. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun until the next variant pops up. Take your mask off, but maybe keep it in a safe place. You’ll need it again soon.


Mostly 2s. Congratulations! The pandemic is finally over. We did it. Mission accomplished. Wait, what’s this about a new subvariant of Omicron? Shoot!