QUIZ: Is He Tall and Lanky or Just a Broomstick You Talk To Sometimes?

Some of us have a thing for tall lanky dudes – guys like Andrew Garfield, Tom Hiddleston, and Eddie Redmayne really just do something for us. And when a long-limbed hottie enters your sphere, you’re just drawn to him. But sometimes you need to slow your roll on a new gangly man and ask yourself, is he tall and lanky? Or is he just a broomstick you talk to sometimes? Take this quiz to find out.


When you’re telling a story, he…

A.) Leans in attentively to listen, and laughs at all the right moments.

B.) Leans against the wall motionless like he’s waiting for someone to pick him up to sweep the floor.


Which are other people more likely to say when they encounter him in your presence?

A.) You should play basketball!

B.) Oh, there it is. I’ve been looking for this.



How would you describe his sense of humor?

A.) Witty and kind of impish, set off by his devilish pointy grin.

B.) More reserved, in the sense that he almost doesn’t even have one?


What is it you admire about his stature and physique?

A.) The way everything about him is so defined and chiseled – his forearm, his jaw, even his fingers.

B.) The way he’s kind just like a big long pole.


How would you describe him to friends?

A.) Tall, lanky, easy to talk to, and super interesting.

B.) Tall, lanky, and easy to talk to.




Mostly A’s: Congrats! You’re dealing with a tall and handsome hottie! Proceed accordingly, and put on a pair of heels!

Mostly B’s: Sorry lady. This dude is straight up a broom that you’ve been having heart to hearts with. You’ve gotta let him go. He’s a broom.