QUIZ: Does He Support Your Career or is He One of Those Inflatable Waving Tubes Outside the Used Car Dealership?

Every girl wants a relationship that’s capable of rocking the bedroom and the boardroom. But finding someone who isn’t threatened when you climb that corporate ladder isn’t easy. Is your guy flexible enough to celebrate your successes and challenge you to work harder? Or is he flexible in a way that suggests a lack of bone structure and internal organs? Take this quiz to find out if your boyfriend is a supportive partner or a giant, inflatable polyester tube outside the car dealership.


You just got a raise! He celebrates your hard work by:

  1. Surprising you with a dozen roses and reservations at a fancy restaurant!
  2. Flailing his arms around A LOT.


After encountering him at happy hour, your coworkers are more likely to say:

  1. Wow, that boyfriend of yours sure does care a lot about your career success!
  2. Wow, that used car dealership is offering a promotion on pre-owned luxury sedans with only $500 down for qualified buyers!


At your company’s holiday party, he charms your colleagues by:

  1. Singing your praises and topping off everyone’s drinks all night long.
  2. Initiating a game of Limbo. It’s always the fucking Limbo with this one!


After you’ve put in long hours all week, his idea of a relaxing date night includes taking you:

  1. To a local brewery. Time to de-stress over craft beers—you deserve it, girl!
  2. To a drive-in movie. In a pre-owned luxury sedan which, and he cannot emphasize this enough, is only $500 down for qualified buyers.


When it comes to career advice, he’s a big fan of:

  1. Leaning in. He knows Sheryl Sandberg is your business BAE, and he loves that about you!
  2. Leaning in. Like, so far in that it almost seems like he doesn’t have a pelvis? And like he might bang his head on the ground? Even though this is really not an appropriate place to be dropping it low because it’s the parking lot outside a used car dealership?




Mostly A’s: Congratulations, you scored yourself a sweetheart who supports your personal and professional goals! If you’re ready to lock down this career-minded cutie, write him into your five-year-plan ASAP!

Mostly B’s: Sorry babe, it looks like your boyfriend is just a large, gyrating balloon powered by an electric fan. But remember, if he can’t handle you at your #BossBitch, he doesn’t deserve you at your #BossBest. Cut him loose and use that sky-high salary of yours to buy yourself a pick-me-up. Something nice. Like, for example, a pre-owned luxury sedan with only $500 down for qualified buyers, which, TBH, seems like a really amazing deal?!