QUIZ: Do You Have Burnout or Do You Just Hate It Here?

So, you’re unmotivated, uninterested, and generally nonplussed about the things that normally bring you joy. You might be suffering from the common phenomenon known as “burnout,” where you’ve worked too hard for so long that your brain and body have started to shut down, and you find yourself unable to complete daily tasks. That being said, things are also generally shit right now across the board, and that could be it, too. Take this quiz to find out if you really do have burnout or if you just hate it here. 


Have you been working extremely hard lately?

  1. Yes. I’m up for a big promotion at work and have been trying to earn my keep by working long hours and late nights. Is that bad?
  2. Not really. I’ve just been reading a lot of the news and consuming a bunch of other information about the world around me. Pretty tough stuff! Not good!


How often do you take breaks?

  1. Rarely, if ever. I find that I work best when I get into “the zone” and don’t stop working for a long period of time, even several weeks on end!
  2. I would say I spend more time taking breaks than I do working, but that’s because the state of the world makes it hard to care about my petty little tasks. 


Do you think your condition would improve if you took, say, a week off?

  1. Oh, wow. I haven’t considered that, but yeah. My body is just so tired. I can’t think of any more ideas to sell our dog-safe chocolate chips (that’s my job).
  2. Considering that “my condition” is dependent on the state of all this, nah. Plus, I’ve functionally taken a month off already. 


Would you say you “like it here”?

  1. Do you mean, like, at work? Or in the world? I guess I like it just fine at both places, yeah.
  2. No. Not one bit.




Mostly 1s: You’re just burnt out! You’ve simply been working too hard and need to take some time to recuperate before you get back out there. Kick up your feet, turn on the TV for a week, and let the will to live return to your body. 

Mostly 2s: Sorry to report this, but you just hate it here. Sadly, there’s nothing we can do to fix this condition, save for total systemic overhaul. Might still be fun to watch TV for a week straight though!