QUIZ: at the bar where are you guys?

Sometimes it’s hard to know where you guys are. Specifically when I am looking for you at the bar. It’s been 15 minutes since you were supposed to be here and it’s starting to get super crowded. Where are you guys? Take this quiz to help me find out where you are.


Are you at the bar?

a.) Omg, that was tonight?!

b.) On my way! Sorta.

c.) Which bar is it again?


Look around you and name one landmark that would indicate your location…

a.) Netflix?

b.) Well, I wish I could find my car keys, but they’re not here.

c.) Sort of like a lamp post? Can you text me a pin?


Are you even excited to see me?

a.) Wait, was this like your birthday thing?

b.) That’s why I’ve been looking for the perfect greeting card for the last 45 minutes.

c.) Yes! And oh my God, they have an ice cream place here?!


Okay, NOW are you at the bar?

a.) Oh… no. You still want me to come?

b.) Just making a couple more quick stops.

c.) Yeah, the one with the hanging plants right? I can’t see a name.



If you got…

Mostly As – You are a Flaky Fuck Who Is Definitely At Home Right Now

I cannot believe you did this again. Why do I even bother trying to make plans?


Mostly B’s – You Late Asshole, Get in the Fucking Car and Stay Headed Here

I know it seems like you’re on some sort of manic pixie journey that may or may not take you to this bar tonight, but seriously just do it.


Mostly C’s – I am Trying to Be Understanding of Your ADHD but I Really Need You to Get it Together and Stop Circling the Block

When we get here we should probably discuss medication, but for now, try and focus on the words I’m saying. Make a left and park.