3 Perfect Scheduling Apps that Nobody On Your Team Will Bother to Learn to Use

The hardest part about working in groups is getting everyone on the same page. That’s why it’s great that there are so many handy apps to keep us all connected. Unfortunately, your efforts to find the perfect scheduling app are all for naught because the people on your team will all shrug at your suggestion and just say, “Why can’t we just use Google Calendar?” or just never answer your emails at all. Anyway, if you’re into making futile efforts, here they are:


Acuity Scheduling
This app allows you to customize the booking process, even allowing clients to set recurring appointments. It syncs easily with Google calendars and iCloud, which won’t matter since no one at your small business will bother to learn how to do that even though you sent three emails with very simple tutorials of how to do that. Maybe you shouldn’t have chosen to manage a yoga studio?


Everyone can easily check off their availability via a series of potential meeting times with this app. But when half your improv team fails to put theirs in after the given dates have already occurred, you’ll end up having to call people up directly and demand their availability like some kind of old-timey secretary.



If you need time to prepare for meetings, this app lets you prevent clients from booking appointments too soon in advance. But your coworker Shera will dislike it for that reason and instead will just send you an email that says, “Meet me in the conference room in a half-hour,” because that’s just how she does things and it will never, ever change.


There it is – scheduling made easy! Until it isn’t made easy by any of the people you work with. Good luck! You’re gonna need it.