Morning Rituals Of The World’s Most Successful Avocados

The way you start the day sets the tone for your entire life. And what better teacher than our planet’s most perfect food: the avocado. Here’s how to take inspiration from the world’s most successful avocados and begin your day with poise, positivity and productivity.


Rise Early

The world’s leading avocados know that the only way to get an edge on the competition is by waking early. Rise at dawn to make the most of the early morning sun, which is key to growth, vitality and ripening. It can be hard to drag yourself out of bed early, but remember that no successful avocado ever hit the snooze button—nor should you!



Before a successful avocado does anything, it takes in water. Lots of water. Avocados know they can’t function at their full potential without hydrated cells, and we women are no different. As soon as you wake up, think: drink! This is why people pay so much for you.



No one likes a hard avocado, and stiff women die alone. So begin your day with a series of gentle stretches in the sun to open your body and soften your musculature. Daily ripening not only increases an avocado’s wellbeing, it also helps them stay soft, supple and enticing to the eye. You could use a bit of that, too!



Channel Gratitude

Studies show that being thankful for what you have boosts happiness, and no one knows that better than a go-getting avocado who is beloved by all the world. Try writing down a list of ten things for which you’re grateful each morning, or simply think about them, as we assume the avocados do.


Practice Self-Acceptance

Loving the skin you’re in—even if it’s bumpy, saggy and bruised—is crucial to living a full life as an avocado. Accept yourself, flaws and all, and if you’re lucky, one day someone else will see the beauty inside of you, too. Another avocado will see your confidence and fall in love with you, as avocados are capable of doing. And if they don’t, you can always just rot away quietly in a corner, as an avocado would.


Life is short, especially if you’re an avocado. With these tips, you’ll set yourself up for success with morning rituals that give you something to think about other than how short life is. Rise and shine!