5 Morning Rituals That Require Getting Out Of Bed, Sorry

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The way you spend your morning can set you up for a productive afternoon, evening—and life! We investigated the morning rituals of the world’s most successful women and are passing their secrets along to you. However, it turns out that all of them do require getting out of bed. We’re so sorry. Please keep reading, anyway?


Tackle your most difficult tasks first.

Successful people stay ahead by getting their most challenging tasks out of the way first. For example, if hearing your alarm is the worst thing you can think of, make turning it off the very first thing you do! And if setting a second alarm is too much for one day, at least you got something done. The key here, unfortunately, is getting out of bed. Sorry this isn’t more helpful.


Get your blood pumping!

Working out in the morning will help you serve a knockout punch to all the things you have to complete that day! Unfortunately, there’s not a single meaningful exercise that you can do without first getting out of bed. Maybe try screaming into a pillow? That’ll burn a couple calories at least. Again, really sorry about this.


Shower while listening to the news or a podcast.

Successful people listen to morning radio or an intelligent podcast to tune into the world while relishing their last moments of solitude in the shower, even if the world is a war-riddled hellscape of pain and despair that can only be ignored by watching reruns of Friends in bed. Again, half of this task requires getting out of bed. But honestly, if you barely move, you probably don’t have to shower much, just don’t look up photos of bedsores, okay? Sorry, we shouldn’t have brought up bedsores!



Fuel up with a healthy breakfast.

Many successful women head straight to the kitchen in the morning—or have an adoring husband who will get a healthy breakfast going for you both! A hearty bowl of oatmeal, a tasty berry smoothie or decadent avocado toast will fuel your mind and body for a kickass day. But if your fridge is empty except for a couple half-empty tubs of Papa John’s garlic sauce, you may as well just stay in bed. Ugh, sorry for mentioning husbands!!


Open the curtains and greet the day!

Natural light will boost your mood and signal to your brain that it’s time to get moving. That’s why a lot of successful women have blackout curtains to get a good night’s rest. If you never get out of bed to open them, you can really just stay in bed guilt-free because your brain won’t be able to tell what time it is. Sorry about not including a link to blackout curtains; it’s not that kind of list.


Your bed is a secluded island of warmth and comfort in a tumultuous sea of daunting obligations. But if one morning you accidentally roll over a little too hard and wake up on the floor, consider testing out one of these morning rituals before scurrying back into bed. Sorry, it was worth a shot! We really fucked this one up, sorry.