QUIZ: Are You a Millennial, Gen Z, or a Toddler Playing with an iPhone?

While many argue about the exact cut-off dates or attributes of younger generations, everyone wants to know where they fall. If you’ve been confused about where you stand, take this simple quiz to figure out once and for all whether you’re a millennial, Gen Z-er, or a toddler playing with an iPhone.


Where did you play online games as a kid?

A. On the family desktop or a school computer.
B. On my phone.
C. You are now playing a sort of a game where you call your mom’s boss on speaker.


What’s the first social media you remember using?

A. Myspace
B. Instagram
C. Ebifrqejksab


Who are you jamming out to right now?

A. Phoebe Bridgers.
B. Billie Eilish.
C. Awexa, pway baby shak?24?!!DWFE


Time for your glamour shot! Where are you taking a selfie?

A. Camera app.
B. Snapchat.
C. Looking at my face in the camera I realize I am a being separate from my mother. My first great loss. I am alone in the world.


What are you watching to unwind?

A. A show or movie on Netflix.
B. My favorite YouTuber.
C. Simply going off on the calculator app, then crying when I accidentally close it because God knows I am never finding that button again.




Mostly A’s: You’re a millennial! You grew up in the age of computer rooms and Walkmen, but things have changed quickly in your lifetime. Good luck with your war against Baby Boomers.

Mostly B’s: You’re Gen-Z! The youngest generation to have come into spending power. You are probably a political activist or TikTok famous or both. Good luck with inheriting a dying planet.

Mostly C’s: You’re the newest generation yet: A toddler playing with an iPhone! Where’d you get that big adult phone, you little baby? Are you texting, little baby? Adorable. Have fun in your age of innocence; the world is terrible!