QUIZ: Have You Made The Bon Appétit Focaccia Yet Or Do You Live With Someone You Can Fuck?

In the midst of a pandemic, there’s no better time to learn how to make the Bon Appétit Focaccia recipe. Unless, of course, you live with someone you could be having extremely good sex with. Take this quiz to find out whether it’s time to get your hands on the perfect airy, crunchy crust of bread, or if you actually live with someone who fucks good. Take this quiz to find out:


  1. When someone asks what you’re looking forward to today, your mind immediately drifts to…

a.) The bulk bag of quality semolina flour you purchased. What a score!

b.) Your partner, who has been walking around in some really cute boxer briefs for the last few weeks. Hmm, is that a half-boner going on over there?


  1. One thing you haven’t gotten tired of throughout all of this is…

a.) Eating delicious, homemade carbs from one of the best recipes on the internet.

b.) The orgasms you receive from the person you live with who fucks you extremely well.


  1. The hardest part of isolation for you has been…

a.) Not living with anyone you can fuck or share bread with.

b.) Getting sore from the frequent fucks.


  1. What do these words remind you of: warm, wet, hard.

a.) The process of baking bread. So satisfying. This is enough for me. It has to be. I’m definitely not thinking about sex.

b.) Sex, obviously. Just had it actually. It was good. My partner can fuck good.




If you got, mostly A’s: Congrats, you’ve made the Bon Appétit Focaccia.

You’re making the best of a difficult situation and we see you. Eat up!

If you got, mostly B’s: Congrats, you live with someone you can fuck!

You’re really making the best of this. The Bon Appétit Focaccia will still be here for you in the future when you need it.