Priest Absolutely SLAYS Homily

In a story coming out of a small New Jersey town’s parish, it appears that beloved priest Father Stan absolutely SLAYED the homily this Sunday morning.


Yaas bitch priest!!


“Father Stan is always great,” said parishoner Candace DiOfrino. “But this week, he was something else. Incorporating his own stories? Check. Making the scripture’s meaning accessible to everyone? Check. He’s a motherfuckin’ boss.”


Having lead multiple congregations over his theological career, Father Stan is used to delivering a mass every week, but this week he deadass tore the roof off this church with a crazy good homily about the true meaning of the crucifixion…


“When he said that thing about being Christlike even when it’s difficult? To everyone? Wow,” said Kevin Lyttle, another churchgoer. “He’s really hitting it out of the park today, preaching with a freshness I’ve never seen. He’s killing it!”


“I think I speak for the whole church when I say we stan Father Stan,” Kevin added.


Father Stan is a strong bitch who remains humble.


“I don’t see myself as anything greater than what the Lord has made me,” said Father Stan, clearly unaware that he just blew the minds of his congregants with his bomb ass sermon. “This is my calling, I’m simply delivering the word of God.”


“I’m also not entirely sure what ‘yasss sis, slay!’ means,” he added.


But his church is undeniably impressed.


“I understand he’s a priest and he’s supposed to be modest and all that,” said Maria Gutierrez. “But he bodied today’s homily and I think he deserves that recognition.”



“Let’s be real: Father Stan is that bitch,” she added.