Pervert? This Tinder Match Wants to ‘Meet Up’ When This All Blows Over

In a bizarre display of sexual perversion, Tinder match Evan has suggested that you ‘meet up’ when this all blows over.


“I’ve loved talking to you these past couple weeks!” texted Evan. “Let’s meet up for coffee or drinks when it’s safe to do so.”


Wow. What a fucking sicko.


“It was so jarring and, frankly, scary to receive,” you say. “I can’t believe I’ve been sharing personal stories, existential anxieties, and tons of nudes with this guy who turned out to be some sort of freak.”


But Evan doesn’t seem to see things from your perspective.


“I thought that was the point of all this,” says the deviant. “Like, to get to know each other during this time and then actually date.”


Keep your disgusting urges to yourself, Evan! And put on a mask, for god’s sake!


“I just thought we were on the same page,” you say. “That we both knew this was a chaotic time during which we would fully give ourselves over to one another in the heat of isolation and shamelessness a la Love is Blind, then absolutely never meet a la the couples who didn’t get engaged on Love is Blind.”


“It’s hard to believe there were such sinister and twisted motives lurking behind this for him,” you add. “Like, you want to meet your remote quarantine lover? Not to kink shame, but that’s revolting.”


The depraved sinner is expected to suggest a Zoom date at any moment.


“I just want to take steps to bring this thing from a virtual limbo into real life,” says Evan.