Tinder Match Has No Idea This is All a Game to Jenny

In a developing story out of Denver, 26-year-old Tinder user Maxwell Reese has no idea that, for his recent match Jenny Holdenfield, this is all just a big fucking game.


“I matched with her over the weekend,” said Maxwell, ignorant of the young woman’s fickle and careless heart. “She seems really sweet, so I’m looking forward to getting to know her.”


Maxwell, who would not be getting to know Jenny, remained ignorant to the fact that he is merely a puppet in her ploy for frivolous entertainment.



“Like, how many women are into rock climbing and MMA and The Chainsmokers?” said Maxwell of a woman who was just aligning their hobbies out of boredom and some sort of sadistic pleasure. “We have so much in common, it’s freaky!”


“I can’t wait to meet her,” he added, blissfully unaware that that would never be happening.


Jenny has weighed in on her decision to toy with this poor Tinder guy.


“I dunno, I was just wasting time in line for the bank and we happened to match,” she said. “I thought it’d be fun to chat and like go along with whatever he said, but now he’s taking it so seriously.”


“My roster’s a little too full at the moment to add another dude who I’m only ten percent interested in,” she added, heartlessly, before messaging Maxwell that she “loves Marvel movies.”


But Maxwell is none the wiser.


“I don’t mean to get ahead of myself, but I get the feeling that this girl could be really special,” he said, not knowing that she has played his eager, horny self for a fool. “I’m getting a really good vibe from her.”


“I just hope she isn’t too clingy or anything,” he added.