North West Hospitalized for Exhaustion

Troubled Tot North West was admitted to Hollywood’s Cedar Sinai Hospital Thursday for “severe dehydration and exhaustion,” according to doctors. The daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had been keeping a low profile since being born on June 15, but “we knew it couldn’t last,” says a source close to the star. “Nori loves to party.”
“Baby North’s nickname ‘Nori’ was inspired by her addiction to sushi,” her rep said at a recent press junket at the Sunset Marquis. “It started as an inside joke with friends, because she’s absolutely obsessed with seaweed rolls.”
But rumors are circulating that more serious addictions may be to blame; one source claims a mysterious white powder was found in Nori’s bungalow at Chateau Marmont, where North has been living since a purported fallout with her parents. Nori’s rep indicates that the substance “was just baby powder,” but neighbors at the hotel report Nori’s hosting all-night ragers attended by the likes of Steve Burns, of Blues Clues fame.
Mom Kim K. jumped to her daughter’s defense, saying: “She’s only four weeks old. Young Hollywood runs at a crazy pace, but she’s just having fun. It’s hard growing up in the spotlight.”
“I was trying to do it all,” Nori admitted on Twitter yesterday, claiming she has been working a grueling schedule since making her official exit from Kim’s vagina. Nori is said to be taking this as a “sign from above” to “slow down and smell the #roses.”