Blue Ivy and North West React To Royal Baby’s Birth With New Single

Blue Ivy North West

The daughters of Beyoncé & Jay Z and Kim Kardashian & Kanye West were outraged to learn about the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis this week. Blue Ivy and North have taken their anger to the recording studio, extending play-dates and skipping naptime to collaborate on a new single, produced by Kanye and featuring Pharrell Williams. Parts of their sessions have leaked, revealing antagonistic, spiteful lyrics that seem to be directed at the young prince:
“We’re takin’ out our pacifiers, plugging in the amplifiers,
We the f*ckin royalest babies and we getting even higher,
Blue and North got the paparazzi wrapped around our rattles,
You a prince, but your f*ggot *ss ain’t never go to battle…

Some sources believe the new single, “Royal Piece of Sh*t”, appears to be about the young prince’s inability to fill the shoes of celeb tot royalty:
Googoo, gaga, f*ck your white ass British mama,
She nurse you on Earl Grey, but we be nursin’ Courvoisier
You f*ckin sorry *ss England-ruling b*tch, go back to your womb before we kill you mother*cker…

We are excited to hear more from these talented tots, but some fear this might be the foundation of one of the bloodiest rivalries hip hop has ever seen.