Evan Rachel Wood Reveals Latest WACKY Celeb Baby Name: “Steve”

Evan Rachel Wood

Hold your laughs: the future baby of Evan Rachel Wood and husband Jamie Bell may be the newest member of the Wacky Celebrity Baby Name Club, with the unconventional name of “Steve”.
“I just don’t know what got into them on this one,” said former True Blood co-star Anna Paquin. “We’re all really embarrassed for them both.”
Paquin isn’t the only one worried Wood’s naming may doom little “Steve” to a lifetime of ridicule. When told about this “creative” name choice, one Hollywood source laughed, nearly choking on his juice: “I think I had a great uncle named Steve.”
Another fan noted: “You mean like Steve Buscemi? That’s…cool I guess.”
“Call me a traditionalist, but why couldn’t she just name him something normal?” former assistant, CayCe, laments. “Mason, Suri, even a classic like Pilot Inspektor would have been better than this. You can’t just use your baby as a way to stand out from the crowd.”
Wood will be returning to the big screen early next year, which may explain this desperate cry for attention. We wish little Steve the best of luck in this tough road ahead.