Lifetime to Air Bold Remake of Stephen King Classic, Fatter

Stephen King Thinner

The Lifetime Movie Network proudly announced their new original feature, Fatter, based on the Stephen King classic, Thinner. The new film will be LMN’s first foray into the horror genre, made specifically for women.
VP of Programming Rob Sharenow says, “We feel that a retooling of the Stephen King Classic can really touch upon women’s body issues in an exciting and thrilling new way.”
The refresh features a new main character, Joanna Burke, a beautiful but selfish lawyer with a flawless figure. One day while running late to trial, Joanna rudely cuts in front of a gypsy in the froyo line. The old gypsy then curses her by touching her face and saying the word, “fatter”.
In a startling twist on the original, Joanna begins gaining weight rapidly, in spite of her increased efforts at spin class.
LMN is excited to release the feature starring Melissa Gilbert, who wore over 40 prosthetic pounds for the role. Gilbert says, “I’m just excited to be part of something partially based on the novel of such a talented and prolific author.”

Hollywood Life calls the film “way scarier than the original. I’ve seen few things as horrifying.” People Magazine describes it as “a horror movie that really hits home.”
Due to early buzz around the Stephen King classic, LMN is now in talks to produce a remake of The Shining in which a female protagonist is driven crazy trying to run a hotel during it’s summer busy season.