Nice! The Person Walking Behind You on a Dark Empty Street is a Woman

In a huge win for ladies and gender-nonconforming people everywhere, the person walking behind you on this desolate city street in the dead of night is a woman!


“I was walking home from my friend’s apartment at about 1 a.m. on a surprisingly empty street, when I heard footsteps behind me,” you say. “I tried to just pick up my pace and chill out, but it went on for a little while, so I knew I had to turn for a quick glance. That’s when I saw her.”


And the rest, as they say, is history.


“The wave of relief I felt when I saw this person behind me appeared to be a woman, probably also heading home on high alert, was immense,” you say. “She’s definitely the hero of my day, possibly my week.”


Glowing in solidarity with your fellow non-man traveler, you journeyed on, but the journey of your gratitude was incomplete.


“It’s just so nice to know you’re not about to be harassed, intimidated, attacked and/or murdered,” you say. “Not to discount the existence of women murderers, but still my chances felt better.”


“I just wish I could thank her in some way,” you add. “I have this old Panera gift card in my wallet that I think still has something in it — should I give it to her?”



But before you had the chance to offer thanks with an unknown monetary value of Panera Bread, the anonymous guardian angel turned off of the shared street.


“I hope she gets to her destination safely,” you say. “And that she feels as safe as she made me feel.”


We even caught up with your night-walk savior to get her perspective on the small yet impactful event.


“I didn’t even have to make that turn, it was out of my way,” she says. “But the person in front of me kept glancing back at me and at one point went to pull something out of her bag. I was pretty freaked out.”


Sisterhood prevails!