Anti-Vaxxer? This Woman Never Pretended to Give Herself a Shot with a Mechanical Pencil in Middle School

Yet another woman lost to conspiracy theory: Tawny Bledsoe of Traverse City, Michigan admitted to close friends and family this week that she never even attempted to give herself a shot with a mechanical pencil in middle school.


Looks like somebody doesn’t value human life!!


Ignorant to the fact that a simple shot of a Bic mechanical pencil could save lives, Tawny preferred “ “using regular pencils” because they “didn’t break as much.”


Um, okay, QAnon!!



Tawny, who probably no longer believes in evolution, went on to explain her dangerous beliefs.


“I was just kind of an old soul, and wasn’t into playing with other kids. Honestly, I was probably reading Anna Karenina or something at that time.”


Tawny, who is clearly a tool of the Russian government, still refuses to get the mechanical pencil vaccine series, putting her in the highest risk category for contracting cooties.