Mom and Dad Met in a Kind of Creepy Way???

What started as a lighthearted conversation with your mom has led to a reveal that the “romantic” story of how she met your dad is…actually kind of creepy??


Turns out when your mom met your dad, she was actually still dating her previous boyfriend. But that didn’t stop your dad from showing up to her restaurant almost every single day and asking when she would finally “ditch that bum” and he could finally take her on a date.


The behavior your mom is laughing off as “persistent” is, by 2020 standards, sounding a lot like “stalking” and “harassment”.


“He would do this cute thing leaving notes on the check,” says your mom. “It would say things like, ‘I’m not done with you,’ or ‘I’ll be waiting outside when you get off.’”


You are feeling confused and a bit disgusted by the behavior that your mom says eventually wore her down.


“Finally one night I was really tired from my shift and I said to myself, ‘What the hell! Go on a date with this guy and get him off my back! So when I got off work I went with him to the bar next door and the rest is history.”


Uninspired by your mom’s story, you tried to explain why your dad’s behavior isn’t exactly kosher these days, but your mom remains committed to her rosy memory.


“Sometimes find love in unexpected places,” she says. “You never know if some of the nice young men that you know and hate could be the one.”