Mattel Introduces New Barbie Whose Whole Thing Is Setting Boundaries

As part of its ever-growing line of strong role model Barbies for young girls to look up to, Mattel has released a new Barbie whose main thing is being good at setting healthy boundaries.


“After excelling in over 200 careers in every industry imaginable, our latest Barbie is treading where no other Barbie has treaded before – having open communication and prioritizing mental health,” announced Mattel PR spokesperson Yolanda Fisher. “Our 2022 Boundary Setting Barbie is all about maintaining healthy balances in the relationships in her life.”


Boundary Setting Barbie is reported to be a data analyst at a mid-level company, and comes in a chic business casual outfit and a work phone to turn off on weekends. She also comes with a set of comfortable sweats to wear at home as she respectfully turns down Friday night plans, and a laptop that immediately goes to where she left off on Gilmore Girls.



The new Barbie is reportedly flying off the shelf, with many Barbie fans – both old and young – clamoring for her.


“Growing up, all we had were Barbies with different careers,” said 28-year-old Kayla Hutchinson. “Which is cool and all, but I wish I had a Barbie that told me it was okay to say ‘no’ to going out without needing a long-winded excuse.”


Mattel revealed Boundary Setting Barbie also comes with a set of gentle-but-firm phrases, such as “Unfortunately, I can’t,” and “No, thank you,” that can be triggered via button or by asking her questions such as “Can I borrow your toothbrush?” or “Want to help me record my podcast on Saturday?”


“It’s our most ambitious Barbie yet,” said head Barbie designer Terri White. “We’ve had some pretty out-there Barbies in the past, but a well-adjusted Barbie who can efficiently communicate what she’s comfortable and not comfortable with? In this economy? That’s a downright unicorn!”


When asked about future Barbies in development, Terri remained tight-lipped, although she did hint they were toying with follow-ups to Boundary Setting Barbie such as Self-Assured Barbie and Goes To Therapy Regularly Barbie.


“We love empowering little girls with our Barbies and teaching them anything Barbie can do, they can do too,” said Terri. “Except for maybe achieving Barbie’s proportions, because that’s scientifically impossible!”