Setting Healthy Boundaries to Keep Everyone the Fuck Away From You

In today’s passive-aggressive society, many people are afraid to set boundaries between themselves and others. Women often fear that they’ll appear “bitchy” if they say no to something. But saying no to the things that don’t serve us isn’t negativity – it’s an important part of life’s journey of becoming who we are. It’s only when you say no to something that you can say yes to something else.


Most importantly, it’s important to set good boundaries so that everybody gets the fuck away from you.


People can get a little too close for comfort sometimes, whether they’re new friends or just regular acquaintances. They want to know every little bit of your business so they can spread it around. They might want to borrow your clothes, as if you’re cool with that level of intimacy. There are the people who say, “Oh, are you still at that job?” as if it’s any of their fucking business where you work. Don’t make eye contact with these people. Eventually they will get the hint and fuck the hell off.



Maybe when you’re enjoying some alone time, your old college will call you up asking for money you don’t have. These people will never fuck off entirely, but you can easily evade them. Turn off the ringer. Now you’re free to say yes to Dancing With The Stars or whatever the fuck else you want to do, since you’re your own person and you answer to no one. Do you see how that works? Say no to one thing, then say yes to something else. Life is about choices. And keeping people on the other side of the fucking moat so they don’t come at you with their sticks.


You don’t need to have an elaborate excuse to say no to something. You can simply say “Step the fuck off, I don’t want to bust any heads today,” and leave it at that. You don’t have to go to that baby shower. You don’t have to go to karaoke night. This is where boundaries come in handy. Healthy boundaries are the essence of well-being. That and no one getting within 30 feet of you for any reason whatsoever.


If you stick to the point, you’ll be blissfully alone in no time and free to say yes to whatever does serve you on this one precious life journey where there’s no time to waste. Maybe you’ll say yes to eating kiwi with the skin on. Maybe you’ll say yes to a log flume ride by yourself. Maybe you’ll say yes to shopping in an empty King Kullen because you slashed open a dozen bottles of Sprite Zero to make a fucking point. It doesn’t matter what you choose: You’ll simply feel so much better once everyone has stepped the fuck back.


Having the interpersonal boundaries you want is easy. All you have to do is say, “Get the fuck out of my face” and you’re on your way!