Man’s Insurance Plan Only Covers Free Therapy From Girlfriend

In the United States, good health insurance is hard to come by, but one man found an option that actually works for him. After days of searching for an affordable and reliable therapist, 27-year-old Chicago resident Sam Mulligan discovered that his insurance plan only covers free therapy from his girlfriend Becca Oden.


“It’s so great. Now I don’t have to worry about copays or booking any appointments. I just have to send a vague text about my day and I get a session that same day,” says Sam. “Plus, it’s free!”


Becca gave reporters more insight into their practice.


“Every Friday Sam and I reflect on his week and talk about anything that’s bothering him. This helps us open up a clear line of communication,” Becca says. “My friends and therapist keep telling me that I need to draw a boundary to pay attention to my own feelings but these talks help me feel closer to him. Plus he really couldn’t find anyone he liked in network.”


Sources clarify that Sam was not the one who searched for an affordable and reliable therapist; Becca also provided that service free of charge, and he vetoed all of the options for reasons such as “same age as my mom” or “weird glasses frames”.


“I’m so glad that I have her in my life,” says Sam. “Without her I’d probably be paying an arm and a leg just for a diagnosis. God, our healthcare system is really so messed up. I think I want to talk more about that in our next session.”


“I don’t think it’s healthy,” says Fernanda, a mutual friend. “I get that couples are supposed to help each other through emotional stuff but Sam literally calls Becca at random times throughout the day expecting her to drop everything and console him. Also I don’t think you’re supposed to be having sex with your therapist.”


“I think people are jealous of just how close we are,” Sam explains., “I’ve never felt closer to someone before and I can feel my mental health improving each week.”


Becca confirms her therapy bill has skyrocketed since meeting Sam.