Low-Cal Summer Cocktails That Lookfuc King Pretty an good ughh Boyzz

Summer is here! Cocktail parties and I fucking gave you 4 years of mylife. Time to lose weight and feel great and drink wheremy gurls @t


Grapefruit is a fun trend in Cosmos these summer. I’m fun. I’m also FINE thanks for asking.
Cut open a grapefruit and gin

CC-Cosmo Pink

Bloody Mary

It’s meal time throw everything in. Bloodymary is everything in your fridge with v8 and vodka. Marcusss

Bloody Mary Coctail with celery stalk and pitcher.

Long Island Iced Tea

Um, whywouldyou change ur voicemail passwrd?




Add a straw! It’s NO calories yer welcome.

CC-vodka bottle straw


CC-LowCalCocktailsMarcus 2 circled copyPHOTO#6

So, Bottoms up! Ok everything is gonna be fine and you know what these look fuckingcute and I love you I hate you hateyouloveu