5 Summer Cocktails That Are Almost As Good As Fruitopia

It’s summer, and it’s time to kick back with some summer cocktails! These fun drinks will help keep you cool and having fun, but will never quite be as good as 90s novelty nostalgia fruit drink Fruitopia. Whether you’re favorite was Strawberry Passion Awareness or Orange Undercurrent, these tasty cocktails just won’t be quite as good as Fruitopia, which was phased out in the early 2000s.

Gin & Tonic

This classic is unbeatable in the hot summer sun, except by Fruitopia, which was infinitely better. If you were a fan of Citrus Consciousness, you’ll be able to stomach this bittersweet drink that has alcohol in it but will just leave you thinking about the Fruitopia machine by the baseball field. For the perfect Gin & Tonic, use one part gin to three parts tonic. And you know what, add Fruitopia if you can find it! It’s so good!

Strawberry Pimm’s Cup

This drink is gaining popularity in the United States, but has long been a standard in the UK. Unlike the Gin & Tonic – or Fruitopia! ­­– the recipe is a bit complicated. You’ll need to muddle strawberries, cucumber and fresh mint, add 4 ounces of Pimm’s No. 1, 4 ounces of ginger beer and 1 to 2 ounces of club soda, then top it all off with a squeeze of lemon and a lime garnish. I don’t know much about the UK, but I do know that if they had Fruitopia, they wouldn’t go through all the trouble making this insane cocktail.




The Margarita is America’s favorite cocktail. That’s because you can’t make any cocktails with Fruitopia. It’s not available any more. Anyway, this is a delicious treat for when you can’t find any Fruitopia, which is anytime after the year 2003.

Kiwi Mai Tai

This Hawaiian treat is almost too much like the classic and beloved Fruitopia flavor, Kiwiberry Ruckus. Actually. It actually kinda just reminds me too much of Fruitopia for me to enjoy. Oh wow I’m actually tearing up. You can look up the recipe for this, if you want. I just can’t right now.

Pisco Sour

The secret to this Peruvian delight is egg whites! This treat is complicated to prepare, especially compared to just twisting open a Fruitopia bottle! However, it’s worth the work because if you close your eyes while you sip this cocktail, it allllllmost tastes as good as Fruitopia. But not really!

Take a load off this summer and drown your sorrows of no Fruitopia in a delicious alcoholic beverage. OMG! Remember Orbitz?