Little Comments To Remind Everyone That You Were There, Too

You’re a really cool person, but none of that matters if everyone doesn’t know that you were fucking there, you know? Next time you attend a cool event and hear people talking about it the next day, here are some great little comments to drop in that remind everyone you were also there. The people have to know!


“And I was like, ‘wow, I can’t believe I’m seeing this.’”

If people are talking about that hilarious thing that happened at the party last night, interrupt them and share your own experience of disbelief. It’s a completely unnecessary and not at all entertaining part of the story, but at least people will now know that you were present, and that’s all that really matters here.


“What a great time we all had together in the same place and time.”

This comment is ideal for when you want to be very clear that you were present for a social event just in case someone forgot about you. Throw it in while someone is literally in the middle of a sentence to really grab the attention of the listeners. Because if a killer party story is told to a bunch of people, but no one knows that you were also at the party, what was the point of you going to the party in the first place?


“HA HA HA that was so funny when I watched it happen with my own eyes!”

This one is not subtle in any way, but will get the point across that you were a part of the action. Now all the mental strain it took you to go to that party, stay for a long time, and leave only after something good happened will have been worth it. Even if the story wasn’t funny, make sure to loudly laugh. Other listeners to the story will immediately feel inferior for not being there because clearly the party was so much fun.



“I was there, too.”

Socially, this direct of a tactic is not encouraged, but it will work, but it is definitely the littlest comment we have. Now no one will forget that you were present for that one funny thing, because the awkward way that you’re interjecting is unforgettable. You’ll always be remembered as the person that was cool enough to be invited to a thing, but not cool enough to stay chill about it. Good enough!


Next time you need to prove things to other humans, practice these little comments. You never know who you’re going to need to remind that you were there!