Let’s Get Serious, with Diana Smith-Ferguson: Female Genital Mutilation

White Woman Speaks:

Columnist Diana Smith-Ferguson is a human rights advocate, women’s rights activist, and self-proclaimed Twilight fan. Each week, she tackles a different human rights issue that plagues our world today.


This week’s column addresses the very grim reality of female genital mutilation, also referred to as FGM. Over 135 million young girls are victims of genital mutilation today, a grave statistic that speaks to the detestable circumstances that women in developing countries still face.


  • You think you know about Female Genital Mutilation?
  • twi1-you dont know


  • Female genital mutilation involves intentionally altering or causing injury to the female genital organs for reasons that do not benefit a woman’s health.
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  • Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. WTF?!
  • twi3-HALE-NO


  • That is MESSED UP.
  • twi4-Pain


  • FGM is usually performed on girls under age 15, and is often performed on infants.
  • twi5-Imavirgin


  • It is often done to reduce female sexuality and libido, so there’s none of this:
  • twi6-sexual


  • Isn’t this practice outdated and barbaric?
  • twi7-hyphenate


  • FGM is very dangerous. Some girls experience uncontrollable bleeding after the procedure and die due to blood loss.
  • twi8-bella bleeding


  • A woman’s body is a gift that must be protected.
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  • We need to educate and change laws in nations that still practice FGM, and empower women to stand up against men!
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  • Hopefully your eyes are opened to this massive human rights violation.
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    MAIN IMAGE-Bella really hates FGM