It’s Important That You Vote With My Conscience This Election

It’s hard to compromise on your values when choosing who should be our next president. But when was the last time you made a choice based on deep, unwavering beliefs of what is right and wrong? Our vote is the only voice we have, which his why it’s time to stop settling for less and vote for who my conscience tells you to vote for this election season.


While you may be tempted to overanalyze every aspect of every candidate’s campaign, it’s important to remember that my gut instinct is usually right. That’s why I’m posting so many Facebook statuses about it! While you’re meticulously weighing options, why don’t you just ask yourself: What’s really important to me?


Unsure of where to start? Try making a list of issues that actually affect me and the people I care about. From there, look at each candidate’s track record. See if their votes support my ideals. This should give you some insight when deciding which candidate best represents my beliefs. Then just click ‘like’ or ‘love’ on any of my posts from here until November. That’s the power of democracy!


Once you’ve chosen my ideal candidate, it’s time to make sure everyone else chooses them too! While you may only hold the power of one vote, you have countless ways of swaying other voters. Just ask me, the person who insists that I think for yourself!


Now’s the time to speak up! Share my decision loudly and proudly. Don’t be afraid to tell the world you’ve decided to vote based on my morals. Hopefully others will be inspired to vote with my morals too, which is objectively the right thing to do. Democracy is amazing!



When the time comes to defend your choice against naysayers, simply remind them that my values are firmly set in place and will not budge. Be prepared for anger. Be prepared for heated debates. Once you dare to share political views online, you may find you’ve disappointed someone in your life. Yes, it can be daunting to argue over Facebook statuses with dear Aunt Leslie, but it’s important that you be strong, steadfast, and let no one influence your decision except for me.


Above all, listen to what my heart says. Deep down, you know I know what’s best.