QUIZ: Is It Persecution for Being a White Christian or Consequences for Domestic Terrorism?

Between the chaotic media circus, a fast-approaching inauguration, and an armed insurrection against the government that you may or may not have been a part of, there’s a whole lot of noise right now. You feel uneasy like everyone’s against you and the walls are closing in, but is it persecution for being a white Christian, or consequences for doing some domestic terrorism? Take this quiz to find out!


You’ve been suspended from your job. Why?

  1. They are likely punishing me for being a proud Christian, an identity that is shared by 65% of the country and is under vicious attack.
  2. I was identified by some amateur internet sleuths as being present at the peaceful protest at the Capitol on January 6th, allegedly.


You’ve been put on a no-fly list and are now stuck in DC. How did this happen?

  1. I was most likely profiled for being a white Christian man. I’m just a human being, yet my very identity is treated like a crime.
  2. I have been posting across social media for a week about my plans to go to DC and stop the certification of election results, “no matter what it takes.” I also uploaded a photo album to Facebook entitled “Civil War” with photos of myself before, during, and after breaching the Capitol, allegedly.


Do you feel alienated by your community?

  1. Does this answer your question: my own daughter is bullied at school for being Christian. She also talks a lot about how God makes you a man or woman and how covid is a hoax, but I think her classmates just hate Jesus.
  2. I actually got to have a really great time with my community last week, allegedly.




Mostly 1s: If you answered with mostly 1s, you seem to believe you are being persecuted for being a white Christian. The good news for you is that your identity is not marginalized in the United States and never has been, so what you’re probably feeling is upset that fewer people are accepting of your bigotry. Tough but fair!

Mostly 2s: We totally think you’re innocent until self-incriminated to the point of zero deniability, but it does seem like you’re facing consequences for your bout of domestic terrorism. Consequences for willful actions aren’t exactly oppression, but still, try to soak up this feeling as much as possible! We know how you love it.