QUIZ: Do You Share the Same Sense of Humor Or Are You Both High?

A shared sense of humor can be a foundational aspect of a strong relationship, but it can be difficult to determine whether this building block is in place when you’ve both been violently high every time you’ve hung out. So do you really have a shared sense of humor and outlook on life, or are you both just really fucking high? Take this quiz to find out:


What are your conversations like over text?

  1. We’re always cracking each other up, and I find any content they send me funny – they really get me.
  2. Our texts are more plan-oriented, such as “when are we blazing?” or “come smoke?”


When you watch movies or TV together, do you laugh at the same things?

  1. Yes! Down to the most specific little moments. We really observe the world in a similar way.
  2. We laugh at everything. Queen’s Gambit was hilarious.


Do you have inside jokes?

  1. So many. New ones seem to develop all the time.
  2. Can’t remember.


Have you ever hung out and not smoked.

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes, once they brought over gummies.


Are you high right now?

  1. No.
  2. Hahaha omg.




Mostly 1s: It seems you might share the same sense of humor. Finding the same things funny can make for a happier and stronger relationship, so keep laughing together!

Mostly 2s: It seems like you guys are both just huge stoners. This could also be a good basis for compatibility, though! Unless one of you quits, in which case it’s almost sure to be the end for you. Enjoy laughing at everything and nothing while you can! Thanks, weed.