Is He Single or in the Midst of Proposing to His Girlfriend?

You’re out a restaurant or at the beach when you spot a hottie with a full head of hair and strong shoulders, down on one knee in front of a girl who’s crying tears of joy. Is he taken? Here’s how to tell if he’s on the market or attempting a lifelong commitment to another woman.


What color is the ring he’s handing her? 

Okay so, he’s handing her a ring—but let’s not jump to conclusions. Does the ring have a white stone that looks like a diamond? If yes, he’s probably proposing. If you seen any other color, it may be that she just dropped her ring on the ground and he picked it up for her and she’s just so happy that she didn’t lose it. Even if the ring is a diamond, the second scenario is still plausible. Wait until she goes to the bathroom and see if you can get his number.


Does the photographer in the bushes have a zoom lens?

Any engagement photographer worth his salt carries a zoom lens so he can get in on the action without interfering with the proposal. If the guy in the bushes has a zoom lens, this is probably a real proposal. If he just has a regular lens, he might actually be photographing a bug or something near them. Either way, he might be a good person to ask if that guy’s single. You just never know!



Are the guy’s khakis ironed?

If you’re gonna propose to your girlfriend, you’re not gonna wear just regular old blue jeans. You’re gonna put on your nice khakis and probably iron them. Although, maybe he just got off work and he likes to look nice and put his best foot forward. You should ask the bartender to send him a drink and see what happens, because it looks like he has a good job and what’ve you got to lose??


Is the group of shrieking women who just emerged with them? 

Okay, so he’s kneeling down and she said something that maybe sounded like “yes, I love you” or “I’ll have a hamburger” and now these women are running out from the side of the building in their direction, shrieking in delight, jumping up and down, and hugging them. Huhhhh? What’s going on here? Do they even know these women? If yes, this is probably some kind of staged marriage proposal that they were in on the whole time. But really look at their faces: If the woman looks like she’s surprised by their appearance, it could be some kind of regular flash mob thing, not an engagement flash mob. Join in the crowd, like you’re involved in the whole thing and sidle over to your cutie to ask him how his day is going. Girl, you’ve got this!


With all the mixed messages guys send these days, it can be hard to tell if they’re single or if they’re proposing to their long-term girlfriend this very second. Read the signals carefully to determine which is which. Good luck!