Inspiring! This Woman Owns Her Mousiness by Only Eating Cheese

Kathleen Phillips has always been described by others as “mousy”. For years, she resented it. But now, she’s decided to own her mousiness by eating nothing but cheese!


We’re absolutely inspired by this bold and decisive move.


“I’ve always hated being called mousy,” said Kathleen. “I realized that I was letting it define me, so instead of denying it, I just decided to lean into it even harder.”


It’s truly amazing that this woman has let one adjective become her whole life!


Now Kathleen nibbles on a feta crumb over her laptop keyboard at work, and munches hunks of cheddar on her lunchbreak. Ms. Phillips noted that it’s not always easy to own her mousiness.


“The convenience store near me only carries low-moisture string cheese. It gets pretty boring eating only one kind of cheese for every meal.”


Friends are confused about Ms. Phillips’ cheesy resolution.


“I guess I always thought she was kind of mousy,” said co-worker Pam Wilkins. “Since she’s small, quiet, and withdrawn..But I would’ve just left it at that.”



Classmate Walter Li added, “I don’t know what she’s trying to accomplish.”


Kathleen Phillips, though, is undeterred. “I’m owning it, can’t you tell? Look at all of this cheese!”


You go, girl!