Wow! This Woman Put Inspirational Post-Its on Her Mirror Until She Couldn’t See Herself Anymore

It can be hard to look in the mirror and feel good about what you see, which is why posting an inspirational note on your mirror can help shift negative self-talk. Well, one woman took this a step further, putting so  many inspirational Post-its on her mirror that she could no longer see her own reflection.


Natalie Bertrand, an interior designer, says she struggled with issues of self-acceptance for many years before finally discovering the secret to positivity: Not having to accept herself at all.


“I used to look in the mirror and just hate my body,” she says. “Then one day I wrote ‘You are enough’ on a Post-it and stuck it to the mirror and everything changed. But then after awhile I went back to being like ‘No I’m not’ so then I just kept adding Post-its until they covered the entire mirror. Now every time I look in the mirror I’m like ‘Wow I’m not even here.’”


So inspiring!


Now that Bertrand can’t see herself in her mirror, she no longer has to grapple with the difficult body acceptance issues that come from having a body or being a woman in the world.


“Every mirror in her apartment is covered in random inspirational quotes,” says close friend, Janie Gold. “There isn’t a single reflective service in the whole place. And when she comes to my house she says she has to ‘close her eyes’ when she’s in the bathroom because of my big mirror.”



For Bertrand, it’s simply a way to stay fully focused on living her life without worrying about how she looks, even if it keeps her from looking at herself at all.


“Last week I accidentally went to work with a ton of ink all over my face because I fell asleep holding a pen,” says Bertrand. “But it’s fine because I know that I’m beautiful on the inside and out. I have seven Post-it notes that say that.”


Right, girl! Uh oh, where’d she go? Just kidding!