Wow! This Boyfriend Thinks He Can Just Dry the Load of Laundry He Left in the Washer Overnight With No Consequences

Ali Gupta is a smart guy and a great boyfriend. However, he’s forgotten a load of laundry in the washer overnight, and he honestly thinks he can just put them into the dryer the following day with absolutely no consequences.


We’re amazed that an adult could be so naïve about the world!


“The clothes are clean,” said Ali. “So now I’ll dry them and the process will be over. What’s the problem?”


Gupta’s girlfriend, Jennifer Lewis-Handlen, is equally amazed.


“How does he not know that the clothes are gonna smell like mildew now?” Jennifer asks. “Even a child can figure that out.”


Ali, though, is unfaltering.


“Why would I have to rewash clothes that are already clean?” he asked. “They’ve only been sitting in the washer for, like, 11 hours. It’s not like they’ve gotten re-dirty.”


Despite his girlfriend’s pleas to put the load of laundry through another wash cycle, Mr. Gupta refuses.



“Does she really think that mold and mildew could develop that quickly in a dark, damp, porous space?” he asked. “I mean, come on!”


“Yes, I do, because it can, and it will,” his girlfriend added. “You know what, I’ll just rewash the clothes myself.”


Wow! It’s simply amazing that he’s made it this far in life without knowing how laundry works!