5 Yogurts That Will Sit In Your Fridge Until The End Of Time

Yogurt is a great source of calcium, healthy bacteria, and all kinds of vitamins. It’s a must-have treat for any woman to buy and then never think about or look at again. If you’re a health-conscious woman who has her act together and is definitely prioritizing her nutrition, these 5 yogurts will remain in your fridge until the end of time itself.


The Goat’s Milk Yogurt In A Tiny Glass Bottle

In some kind of frenzy that is definitely Anthropologie’s fault, you bought this minuscule, exorbitantly priced yogurt at a cafe. But even though it has looked so cute sitting in your fridge all these months, the combination of spring violets and goat’s milk just never sounds as appealing as you thought it would. That’s $9 out the window, but your heart (and gut) were in the right place.


That Chobani You Got For Free At A Festival

You were delighted to receive this yogurt at the Chobani booth – you love free food! – but then you decided to have a beer instead, so you left the Greek yogurt in your purse for a while. Once you placed it in your fridge, you wondered if that sour smell meant it had gone bad, or if that was just part of what you signed up for by stopping by that booth in the first place? Hey, it’s probably doing you good just sitting there, and the sight of it always brings you back to Coachella 2016.


The Yoplaits You Buy Every Week For Some Reason

Every time you return from the grocery store, no matter how disciplined you are, you come back with four new flavors of Yoplait you’ve somehow never seen before. They all sound so healthy and delicious: Low Fat Key Lime Pie; Diet Birthday Cake Ice Cream; Toffee Pudding With Oreo Chunks – Slim! Now your fridge is overrun with Yoplaits, but at least you bought them with the intention of doing the right thing for your body.


The Apple Noosa You Ostensibly Really Like

You’ve eaten this yogurt before. It tasted good. Why don’t you eat it? It’s been there for weeks. Don’t eat those frozen hashbrowns again- those will never go bad. You’ll miss the window for this yogurt you enjoy, and it will remain in your fridge, accumulating the bad kind of bacteria, for all of eternity.


The Stonyfield Farm Yogurt In The Fridge At Work

It’s nice to know that you have a smart snacking option the next time you get a little hungry around 4PM. But six years and roughly 2000 vending machine visits later, you might start to wonder when that time will come.



Yogurt is a great healthy snack to keep stocked in your fridge until the end of living memory. To add a little fun to your meal, try stirring in some raw almonds, wheat germ, or dried cranberries, all of which you have in your pantry and will never, ever touch.