Inspiring! Kaylee’s Garden Produced One Amazing Salad

After spending much of the spring season planting a variety of vegetables in her garden, Kaylee Doucett of Richmond, Virginia has managed to produce ONE amazing salad!


The incredible salad included not only lettuce and tomatoes but also several beans, a cucumber, and corn.


“It looked like a pretty good salad,” says Kaylee’s coworker, Lucy Minado, of the salad that filled a medium-sized Tupperware. “I know she’s spent a lot of time growing seedlings and planting them and then losing most of them to mites but this one salad seemed pretty amazing.”



“It’s been a long journey,” says Kaylee, who nearly gave up when a possum ate all of the lettuce leaves in her garden, which had been tainted with lead. But she soldiered on waking up at all hours to check on the recovering plants to enjoy a single salad to celebrate the season.


Proving that hard work really does pay off, Kaylee harvested and rinsed her produce Sunday before cutting out the many brown spots throughout her tiny bounty.


“It was really good,” says Kaylee. “I can’t wait to make another one next year.”