Inspirational Pinterest Quotes to Avoid Finally Going to Therapy

You are an individual, bright and shining strong woman. But sometimes even the strongest woman needs a little inspiration to stave off going to a legitimate, licensed therapist for one more day. Here are some beautiful quotes from Pinterest to empower you and validate your beliefs so that all of your family and friends will finally stop bothering you about why you haven’t gone to therapy yet (they say that because they don’t really love you, anyway).


life struggle

“Life is a Beautiful Struggle.” 

Isn’t it just? Sometimes it’s nice to remember that everyone has their own personal struggle they’re going through, and you aren’t the only one battling depression and crippling anxiety, completely and utterly alone because you consistently push away anyone who tries to care for you.


future husband

“Dear Future Husband, thank you for loving me because of my imperfections, not despite of my imperfections. Love, Your Future Wife”

It’s good to have hope there is a man out there who will someday love and validate your existence and unending pattern of repeating the same mistakes with complete lack of self-awareness so that you can finally be somebody.  But you know what? That doesn’t matter now because there is a cool sunset behind that quote. I mean, pffft, can therapy do that?




“I crave a love so deep the ocean would be jealous.”

It’s good to know that others can express your utmost desires and put them into beautiful memes for everyone to see. Even if you are just a miserable little sack of human garbage inherently inferior to everyone around you, you have a basic need just like all of the brilliant, worthy-of-love people who surround you but you keep at arm’s length to avoid any kind of real intimacy that might save you from the bubble of your own self-loathing.



“Nothing like a good cry in the shower so no one can see just how much pain you’re in.”

This quote is all over Pinterest, and with good reason: it’s the Truth. Sometimes, the only way to deal with your long-term emotional and cognitive issues is to cry in the shower so loudly that neighbors come to see if you’re all right, to which you will be insulted by people worrying over the well-being of a pathetic excuse for a human being such as yourself and her failed, miserable life, and thusly slam the door in their face because you can handle this on your own. You have and always will be alone.


peanut butter cheeseball

“Peanut Butter Cheeseball” 

Who needs therapy when you can eat your feelings? Being the loser that you are, you can put all of your energy into creating the perfect Pinterest dessert, which will be the single accomplishment in your pursuit of the waste of food and oxygen that you call your life.