I’m Not Racist, I Just Only Interact With POC When I’m Underpaying Them to Do Something

Some people think that I’m prejudiced just because all my closest friends are white, but I’d like to finally put that to rest once and for all. Just because the people I love and care about the most all have solely European roots, I still have plenty of friends who are people of color, all of whom I met by underpaying them to service me in some way.


Take for example, the barista at my local coffee shop, Morgan. We’re literally such good friends that she doesn’t even mind that I never tip her — that’s how close we are. She just gets me! I love her.


I’ve also had a pretty long friendship with Tam, the woman I always request to do my nails twice a month. She’s such a good listener! When I tell her about all my problems even though I’m not paying her to be my therapist, she always knows just what to say. I wouldn’t have even known what to do with my two properties in the Bahamas if it wasn’t for her!



That’s why I think it’s really unfair to call me racist when there are so many people that I know personally who are not white. I believe that it’s super important to talk to people from other cultures, or else you’ll never know what’s going on outside of your little bubble. That’s why I do so as often as I can when there’s a clear power structure in place and they can’t say anything that will upset me or else their livelihoods will be in jeopardy.


Oh, and how could I forget?! I love my nanny, Fatou, so much. I don’t trust anyone more to take care of my son when I’m not there — not even my own husband! That’s why I’m giving her a big bonus this year of $200. I can’t wait to give it to her over drinks next week, as long as I don’t have to reschedule again!


So yeah, I have plenty of friends who aren’t white, and to say that I don’t is just frankly unfair. All these people are my friends, and I’m sure they still would be if I wasn’t paying them to be nice to me. If you think otherwise, then that honestly seems like racism toward me, a white woman, which you really need to unpack.