I Want People in the Media Who Look EXACTLY Like Me

White Woman Speaks:

Like every woman, I look to the media for inspiration and all sorts of recipes. But after a while, all those thin, high-cheekboned white women can be a bit much. Where are all the people who look like me?


Every time I see a model who looks even the slightest bit different from me, my self-esteem plummets. Which is why I’d like to propose that more women’s magazines, television shows, and movies represent women who weigh 140 pounds, stand 5’ 5” and look identical to me. The media had better start representing the dick out of me ’cause I’m not seeing myself ANYWHERE.


I’m not the first to suggest that the airbrushed images in magazines can be damaging; I’m just the first to recognize how it affects me directly and formulate a concise plan to resolve the issue specifically.



I don’t want my future daughter to feel “lesser-than” whenever she opens a fashion magazine. I want her see her mother on every page. That way, she’ll feel safe. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll become president.


It’s so important for us, as women, to strive for something meaningful. When I turn on the TV, I don’t want to see an endless stream of stick-figure fem-bots, or fat people, or people with blotchy skin and weird hair. I want to see my own loveable, freckled face, a million times over.


Look forward to it, beezies. I’m coming for you.