I Support Donald Trump Because He Says What Everyone In My Militia Is Thinking

There is only one presidential candidate who really understands me, and that candidate is Donald Trump. I trust him more than anybody else, because he’s a no-nonsense kind of guy who isn’t afraid to say what everyone in my all-female militia is already thinking.


People say he’s not supportive of women, but I know he would love what we’re doing here.


Trump once said, “The right of self-defense doesn’t end at your driveway.” When my female militia and I heard that, we were shouting, “Yes! Exactly!” for roughly a week. That sentiment is so “us” that it’s almost like he walked inside our brains and plucked it right out. I wish other candidates would tell it like it is in a way that celebrated the open-carry pact we have among our militia sisters.


Another thing I love about Trump is that he doesn’t care what people think. For example, Donald once said that he could shoot somebody and not lose voters. Us too! Well, not voters exactly, but whatever we would stand to lose, we don’t really care about it and the loss wouldn’t be that great for us. We will shoot. Donald Trump supports that, and isn’t afraid to talk about it. It’s like all other candidates are just trying to drown us in political correctness!



One time Trump said, “How stupid are the people of Iowa?” and we were like, “Finally, somebody said something!” Our militia was run out of Iowa after we occupied a state building for 72 hours demanding to invoke martial law upon the land. What other candidate can be as straight-talking as that?


Yet, the liberal elitist candidate-who-shall-not-be-named demands “equal pay” and “required time off for women.” You know what? I didn’t need time off when I had my baby because my job is to support my husband’s career and also to protect American values with deadly force. I delivered my baby and within a week was back at Saturday morning militia training. I brought my little stroller filled with military gear, and put my baby in a camo onesie. I gave my baby earplugs so she could nap during target practice. It’s not that hard. Why can’t other candidates be more supportive of my traditional American lifestyle?


Yes, we are women. But when Donald Trump speaks it totally resonates with us. We are powerful. We will fuck you up. That’s the kind of thing that could come out of Donald’s mouth or ours! I love my guns and winning and I love my all-female militia and I cannot wait to occupy some federal land until blood is shed. And as for Trump: Keep on telling it like it is!