Let’s Agree To Disagree, Then Ultimately Learn Nothing From Each Other

One thing’s for sure: Our nation is more polarized than ever before. Bridging the gap between left and right feels like an impossible task when both sides are so different from each other. After months of contentious debate, I’m done with all this arguing, so for the sake of keeping the peace, let’s agree to disagree, then ultimately learn nothing from each other.


This seems like the most civil way to produce the least amount of change possible.


As someone who considers herself a peacekeeper, I feel more comfortable living in a world where everyone gets along. So when we disagree, I simply want us to stop, breathe, and learn to love each other despite our differences of opinion, gaining absolutely nothing from the experience. Isn’t it inspiring to know that we can achieve? I think so! And if you disagree with me, that’s okay, because we can both quietly believe we’re right instead of engaging in a way that might change the way we think.


I’m not asking to avoid difficult conversations. We need to talk openly about controversial topics such as race, women’s access to healthcare and foreign affairs. But we shouldn’t let our vastly different opinions on these topics divide us, just because we think differently from each other. We should accept each other’s differences without trying to change them so we can all remain ignorant in our own special, flawed way forever. I like to call this “taking the high road.” I would encourage you to try it sometime! Although if you don’t, I will respect your decision by completely ignoring it.



Of course, we should all make an effort to listen to each other more without being afraid of hearing a different point of view. For example, though I think we should increase taxes on the wealthiest Americans, I would be happy to hear someone out who thinks we should turn Wall Street into some kind of financial free-for-all. So let’s just say I respect what you have to say, but let’s agree to quit while we’re ahead, and never challenge our belief system in any way so we can maintain this forced acquaintance, shall we?


Am I just a hopeful sap for thinking this seems like the most civil way to never face our most deeply ingrained prejudices and ill-informed opinions?


I’m heartbroken by the anger on both sides of the political spectrum. One side yelling for this, the other side yelling for that. Everyone feeding into the worst parts of each other. It just feels so futile to know that despite what anyone says, I will continue to believe what I choose to believe no matter what, so fuck you.


After all, it shouldn’t be our political opinions, but our love that binds us. So let’s talk to each other, then stop talking when we realize the other person is wrong. Let’s listen to each other, then politely dismiss the effort. Let’s agree to disagree, so we can ultimately remain shielded from the pain of new knowledge forever and ever.