I Support All Women, Especially The One In This Horse Costume With Me

I believe that, as women, it is our job to support one another. Sure, it’s easy to be all talk and no action but I’m here to let you know that it is possible to support all women not just in your words, but your deeds as well. Today, I take a stand and proudly say that I support all women, especially the one in this horse costume with me.


I know it’s not always easy to just give support to other women. Too often feminism is plagued with infighting and arguing, which is totally counterproductive. But when my friend Jana said it’d be fun for us to go to a Halloween party dressed as a horse, I didn’t spend time arguing with her about logistics or saying that it wasn’t a good idea because there were other people I wanted to talk to and would find that difficult when trapped inside a horse costume.


I just said yes.


And now, here I am, zipped into a polyester costume with my face squarely in my friend’s butt. And it feels great! It feels like feminism. Imagine if all women treated each other like Jana and I treat each other. We’d all get along so much better, and we’d all in horse costumes.



I don’t compete with women. They’re my equals, not my enemies. Why do we act like only one woman is able to succeed? That’s delusional! Jana and I would never be able to get off the dance floor, let alone make our way to the snack table if it weren’t for us moving together in unison, as equals. We each have to lift our left legs, then our right ones to take one unified step. We can’t compete with other women if we want to succeed. There’s room for all of us—unless we’re referring specifically to this horse costume, in which case it’s really more of a two-person thing.


Lastly, we must not underestimate the importance of building community with other women. Find a group of likeminded feminists and physically find a space to sit down and talk. Jana and I like to get in the horse costume just to catch up, even though Halloween is long over. That’s one perfect example of a shared space to really communicate.


Jana and I have lived different lives but that doesn’t stop us from trying to build something together—namely a passable illusion of a horse that will rock any party’s nuts off. Call me crazy, but it looks like by sticking to our principles, we’ve succeeded.