I Ended My Five-Year Relationship To Focus on Myself, and Brad, My Side Piece


Being in a long-term relationship with someone that you truly love can be a beautiful thing. For five years I was with a man who was supportive, sweet, and knew me better than I knew myself. But after all that time, I began to feel as if I didn’t know who I was anymore. In caring for another person, I’d lost sight of myself. So, I did the hard thing and ended my relationship.. Now I’m rediscovering my independence by focusing on myself, my needs, and on Brad, the superhot club bouncer who’s been my side piece for the past six months.


The initial breakup was horrible, but deep down; I know I did the right thing. I’d been focusing on someone else’s needs for long that I’d forgotten about my own. I knew I needed to take time for myself and my side piece, Brad. After leaving apartment I shared with my ex for what was probably the last time, I immediately felt relief. It was the first day of the rest of my life. It was time to start finding myself. But first it was time to find Brad’s dick every now and then or whenever I felt like it.


Taking time to focus on you is so important. I’m putting myself first by focusing on my career goals. Now, I don’t have to worry about choosing between career and love. I can have a demanding and time-consuming career if I want, no one can hold me back. The only other thing I need to make time for is incredible no-strings-attached sex with Brad who is my side piece because I am my own boyfriend now so please don’t question this.



Deciding to focus on you is so empowering. It’s so easy, even now, to succumb to the archaic notion that a woman needs a man. Well, this lady doesn’t! Although she does need a side piece, Brad specifically, to kill spiders, fix toilets, and build Ikea dressers. But apart from the light housework, and the mind blowing sex, Brad is not my priority. He’s just a side piece to my more meaningful relationship with myself. After all, I only need him around for side things like figuring out what the weird smell in the kitchen is.


They say breaking up is hard to do, and it is, but time does heal all wounds. So does meaningless sex with a guy named Brad who you met in line at Trader Joes. But, when you really think about it, the person that will always be there for you is yourself. So you should focus and nurture that person the most. Of course, if you have a super hot side piece then you totally need to focus on him.