‘I Don’t See Color,’ Says White Guy Who Exclusively Dates Asian Women

Aaron Masterson, who exclusively dates Asian women, made it a point to acknowledge his racial colorblindness to his friends earlier this week.


“I just don’t see color,” says Aaron, who is now dating his sixth Asian woman in a row. “Race just isn’t a factor in how I judge a person. What matters is what’s in their heart.”


Aaron, instinctively swipes right on any woman who appears even vaguely Asian, believes that paying too much attention to race is causing a divide in our country.


“I just wish people could open their minds more,” says Aaron, who has never swiped right on a black woman.


Some of Aaron’s peers, however, have concerns about his alleged commitment to colorblindness.


“Wow, it sure takes a lot of privilege to pretend that you don’t see race,” says longtime friend Kenneth Guilford. “It’s just weird that he never seems to ‘see’ brown, black, or white women whenever we go out.”


“It’s almost like he goes out of his way to date Asian women,” adds Aaron’s college roommate Jeff Anderson. “I think there are some things he needs to admit to himself.”


But Aaron insists that race “is only skin deep” to him.



“If I judged people by their race or ethnicity, it would limit so many amazing experiences I could have with different people,” Aaron says. “That’s why I prefer to treat everyone equally.”


When we finally questioned him about his particular dating preferences, he responded: “Oh, sex and dating and stuff? Yeah that’s totally different.”